B.Tech-CSE-Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML)

AI technology is important because it enables human capabilities viz. understanding, reasoning, planning, and perception, to be undertaken by software effectively, efficiently, and at low cost. AI has numerous, tangible use cases today that are enabling corporate revenue growth and cost savings in all industrial sectors.
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning UG program is primarily focused on applications of Machine Learning to impart intelligence in machines to solve non-deterministic problems which humans can solve with ease. If the natural intelligence of humans can be imparted to computers, then they can also make decisions like humans.

Future of AI

According to the Gartner report of, there has been a 270% growth in the applications of
AI since 2015. Thus, the importance of AI is bound to climb high in the future. AI career
opportunities are drastically reaching great heights

Job Trends and Career Graph in AIML


  • ❖ Dedicated AIML LAB with ultra modern NVIDIA KITS to be used for AIML applications and projects.
  • ❖ Certified team of faculty to guide the students in the application domains of AIML with practical exposure to real time use cases in AIML
  • ❖ Strong Industry connects by virtue of MOU’s to ensure, that the learning’s are in line with the latest advancements in the industry.

Course Introduction

Evolution of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML):Artificial Intelligence can be defined as ability of computers to think, respond and simulate like humans. Artificial Intelligence is a broad term which refers to various fields of study including Machine learning, Fuzzy logic, Robotics, Data Science, Expert Systems, Neural Networks etc.
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is a course which is primarily focused on applications of Machine Learning to impart intelligence in machines to solve non deterministic problems which humans can solve with ease.

Applications of Machine learning include Online customer support, predictive analytics, computer vision, fraud detection, risk mitigation and assessment, recommendation systems, language processing, spam filtering, virtual personal assistant, surveillance, cyber security, fine arts etc.

Figure 1: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Venn diagram Machine learning focuses on developing programming models which use data to learn and improve from experience without explicitly programming. This is typically useful in solving non deterministic problems where explicit instructions or algorithms cannot be developed for problem solving.

Prerequisites to take up AIML course

Intermediate student with good knowledge in Mathematics (especially probability and statistics) and inclination towards programming.

Career Opportunities in AIML

1. Machine Learning Engineer: Applications of Machine Learning are increased every day. One can build career as a machine learning engineer and contribute to development of machine learning models used in healthcare, banking, insurance, email, social media, education, gaming, fine arts etc. Industry requirement of machine learning engineers is growing at a fast pace because availability of data and compute are no more a concern.

2. Data Scientist: A machine learning engineering graduate can pursue his/her career as a data scientist with ability to use data for training the models and use them in predictive analytics useful in many business organizations.

3. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer: Text processing has experienced a complete transformation by virtue of machine learning and deep learning models. Machine learning engineer can contribute to development of NLP based applications used in email spam detection, text suggestions, text generation, translations from and to text and other language processing applications.

Infra Structure requirements to offer UG Program in AIML

1. Computer Labs with at least 16 GB RAM and modern processors.
2. One Server machine to setup Distributed Processing Platform.
3. GPU based computers for implementing Neural Network based Machine Learning models.

Human Resource requirements to offer UG Program in AIML

1. To impart intelligence into machines and enable machine to take decisions based on the given intelligence, it requires strong knowledge and skill set in mathematics, computing techniques, data bases, principles of computer networks, principles of software engineering and programming. Hence AIML course needs the contributions from Departments of Computer Science and Engineering and Mathematics.

Why to Choose AIML Engineering Program at Sphoorthy Engineering College

1. Faculty competency is the key to quality education. In this regard, Sphoorthy Engineering College is a one stop solution for all AI aspirants because of its faculty strength. Our Faculty have certified skill set in AIML tools with rich experience, expertise and equally supported by vast experience of mathematics department.

2. Laboratory infrastructure is in place, with capability of executing any AIML application.

3. Continuous support of the management in the skill development of faculty on latest advancements in technology, infrastructure procurement and performance based incentives for faculty.

4. Our College has very strong industry and societal connect which can help students in taking up real time use cases and community service projects which will facilitate in experiential learning and quality project work.

5. Our training department is competent enough to offer training on cutting edge technologies and ensure the student’s learning is in line with the industry needs.

6. Our placements team is capable of reaching out to industry leading to domain specific placement opportunities for the students.

Hence overall development, career and professional accomplishment for an AIML aspirant is guaranteed at Sphoorthy Engineering College.


  • As per all reports, national surveys and thrust areas of Government of India and State Government of Telangana there is a bright future for AI – Wipro, Amazon, Google, Microsoft Accenture.
  • US followed by New Zealand pay highest salaries in the world
  • Machine Learning Engineers can build careers and seek opportunities in Health Care, Banking, Insurance, Social Media, Education, Gaming and Fine Arts.
  • AI jobs are one of the most anticipated careers in the world. Top and leading networking firms hire AI graduates

Entrepreneurship and startups

  • The world is excitingly looking forward to AI based devices those are being created and worked upon everyday under expertise of graduates with degree in AI
  • Startup in AI are Mathan, Sig Tuple, Mud Street Den, Hoptik, Flutren, Uncanny Vision,,,
  • The development of automation enabled technologies brings promise for higher productivity and growth.

Higher Studies Options

Opportunities for higher studies in India and Abroad in Natural Language Processing, Cloud Engineering, Robotics, Network, Analysis and Machine Learning