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About the department

To keep up with the industry demands and changing trends of the software industry, training and certifications are provided from CISCO Academy, Oracle Academy, SELF IIT Bombay, Telangana Academy for Skill Knowledge  (TASK),Cambridge – Business English certificate and National Entrepreneurship Networks through Academy Certified Instructors of the department. The Department also has MOUs and constant interaction with highly reputed and successful industries.  It is also in association with CSI, IEEE and ISTE in the pursuit of excellence to reach higher standards through Research Collaboration, faculty and student exchange programs.

Mr.P.Ram Mohan Rao

Associate Professor and Head
M.Tech, (Ph.D)

B. Tech in CSE (Computer Science and Engineering)

Computer Science and Engineering is a basic undergraduate engineering program which integrates various concepts of computing, programming, software development, computer hardware and software design, networks, databases, etc. Computer Science and Engineering is a broad subject which provides foundation for all emerging technologies without much emphasis on any particular emerging technology domain. Computer Science and Engineering comprises of subjects from basic sciences, mathematics and engineering core and engineering electives. As part of Computer Science and Engineering, an undergraduate student will be able to learn the fundamentals of the Computer Science and Engineering program which will help in getting placed in conventional job roles like software programmer, software analyst etc. The modern industry driven by digitalization is powered by technologies like AI, Data Science, Cybersecurity, etc. Hence the new age jobs demand a specialized skill sets which cannot be imparted with conventional syllabus of Computer Science and Engineering. In Computer Science and Engineering program students will hardly undergo one or two papers related to emerging technologies and hence they cannot easily fit into modern job roles. However, Computer Science and Engineering also have enough opportunities in conventional software jobs.


To create a unique identity in the field of education in Engineering and technology-driven by human


  • To impart technical education with the certified skillset in diversified fields of computer science.
  • To cultivate work ethics and communication skills in students for enriched work culture.
  • To encourage community development programs for training personnel in the state of art in Computer Science and Engineering and fulfill the needs of society.

Program educational objectives

PEO – I :

To develop in students, the mastery of fundamentals in mathematics and basic sciences and apply the same to solve problems in computing and computer science and engineering so as to provide a strong foundation to excel in their professional career and higher education.

PEO – II :
To create awareness among students about emerging technological and societal needs to facilitate them to apply their knowledge to analyze, design and develop appropriate systems and processes that are technically sound, economically feasible and socially acceptable.
To develop a good scientific and engineering temperament among the students with good communication skills and inculcating ethical value appropriate to the pursuit of lifelong learning in order to meet the critically evaluated needs of industry, profession and the society.

Program specific outcomes (PSO)

PSO – I :

Professional Skills and Foundations of Software development: Ability to analyze, design and implement applications by adopting the dynamic nature of Software developments.

PSO – II :

Applications of Computing and Research Ability: Ability to use knowledge in cutting edge technologies in identifying research gaps and to render solutions with innovative ideas.

Program outcomes (PO’S) based on NBA graduate attributes

Department of CSE DAC members

S.No Name of Faculty Designation
1 Mr.P.Rammohan HOD
2 Mr.B.Ramakrishna Asst.HOD
3 Mr.R.Ashok Kumar Assoc.Prof
4 Dr.I.S.Hephzi Punithavathi Asst.Prof
5 Mr.M.Irfan Pasha Asst.Prof