Cyber Security

Undergraduate Program in Cyber Security – Course Introduction, Scope andCareer Opportunities

Evolution of Cyber Security:

Criminal Infiltration in to the digital infrastructure of individuals, organizations and nations has seen an unprecedented surge leading to confidential information theft, intrusion, cyber stalking, defamation etc. Prevention, detection and response to cyber attacks has gained lot of importance and there is huge demand of cyber security professionals across the globe.
The Cybercrime hazards are causing serious financial losses to the victims. Thus Network security management, Incident response, risk mitigation and prevention strategies are very important for every organization to safeguard its information. Hence Cyber Security course is very important in the context of present digital driven society.

Cyber Security Awareness

Prerequisites to take up Cyber Security course

Intermediate students with good knowledge in logical thinking, zeal to learn and address security issues in computers and internet, and inclination towards programming.

Career Opportunities and Certifications in Cyber Security

1. Cyber Security Analyst: The one who knows, installation of security software’s, understand information security management, and monitor computer network for security issues using tools like Wireshark etc.

2. Information Security Analyst: A person who provides access management within database security and access management team. Provisions and deprovisions database platform requests submitted through various request methods.

3. Cyber Security Specialist:The Cyber Security Specialist takes care of the dayto-day operations and data structures by overseeing the operational performance. They configure anti-virus systems and consoles. The professionals must have an in-depth understanding of vulnerabilities management systems and common security applications. They conduct software upgrades and explains performance criteria, documents configurations, and systems specifications. They manage the Pay Per Click (PPC) systems from threats, identifies, manages incidents and mitigate risks.

4. Consulting Engineer: Majorly deal with deployments and architecture design of deployments in Customer Network. This includes fixing naming on UI at times as well. Many a times you would be required to do audit of the entire system and look out for bugs in their system.

1. Machine Learning Engineer: Applications of Machine Learning are increased every day. One can build career as a machine learning engineer and contribute to development of machine learning models used in healthcare, banking, insurance, email, social media, education, gaming, fine arts etc. Industry requirement of machine learning engineers is growing at a fast pace because availability of data and compute are no more a concern.

2. Data Scientist: A machine learning engineering graduate can pursue his/her career as a data scientist with ability to use data for training the models and use them in predictive analytics useful in many business organizations.

3. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer: Text processing has experienced a complete transformation by virtue of machine learning and deep learning models. Machine learning engineer can contribute to development of NLP based applications used in email spam detection, text suggestions, text generation, translations from and to text and other language processing applications.

Infrastructure requirements to offer Cyber Security UG Program

1. Computer Labs with at least 16 GB RAM and modern processors.
2. Virtual servers like kali Linux, Security Onion, simulation tools etc.,

Human Resource requirements to offer Cyber Security UG Program

To process and secure the data, one should know encryption, networking, loading and processing of data which require strong knowledge and skill set in computer architectures, types of vulnerabilities, firewalls, SSL certificates, computing techniques, data bases, principles of software engineering and programming, Security threats and mitigating the threats. Hence Cyber Security is an inherent segment of Computer Science and Engineering program and faculty from Computer Science and Engineering program will be the key contributors.

Why to Choose Cyber Security Program at Sphoorthy EngineeringCollege

1. Faculty competency is the key to quality education. In this regard, Sphoorthy Engineering College is a one stop solution for all Cyber Security aspirants because of its faculty strength. Our Faculty have certified skill set in CISCO Cyber Security Operations & CCNA tools with rich experience, expertise and equally supported by TASK (Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge).

2. We are proud to mention that our faculty have trained senior police officers at Central Detective Training Institute (CDTI) Hyderabad on various aspects of cybercrime and forensics.

3. A separate 24/7 Laboratory infrastructure is in place, with capability of learning CISCO Cyber Security and CISCO CCNA Modules.

4. Continuous support of the management in skill development of faculty on latest advancements in technology, infrastructure procurement and performance based incentives for faculty.

5. Our College has very strong industry, societal connect and MOU with CDTI which can help students in taking up real time and community service projects which will facilitate in experiential learning and quality project work.

6. Our training department is competent enough to offer training on cutting edge technologies and ensure the student’s learning is in line with the industry needs.

7. Our placements team is capable of reaching out to industry leading to domain specific placement opportunities for the students.

8. Our faculty were able to guide student projects which helped them in securing a job in high paid companies in CISCO CCNA program.

Hence overall development, career and professional accomplishment for a Cyber Security aspirant is guaranteed at Sphoorthy Engineering College.

Achievements: (2020 passed out students of CSE)

Three final year students got placed in CISCO SYSTEMS (INDIA) PVT LTD., with the highest package of 11.3 lakhs/annum.


  • Estimates are that 3 million cyber security professions are required in the next 3 years
  • Government, Defence, Booz Allen Humiliation, Police, Deloitte, PWC, Nothrop Grumman etc.

Entrepreneurship and startups

  • Cyber Security Analyst, Information Security Analyst, Specialist
  • Configure anti virus Systems and Consoles, Manage Pay per Click (PPC), Systems from Threats, Identify and manage incidents and mitigate risks.

Higher Studies Options

Quantum Communications, Secure Communications for Space, Cyber Autonomy and Automation, Data Privacy, Cyber Law and Ethics, Secure Software Engineering, National Cyber Security and Cyber Policies