CSE Department.

I would always be grateful to Sphoorthy for giving me multi dimensional learning by providing the mix of academics , industrial visits, attitude and skill development.
The placement training which we received helped us to know what we were good at and made us realize the areas that we had to improve.
I am very grateful to the college, placement officer and the lecturers for their continuous support and encouragement.
I would also like to thank to the professors for getting me the first campus placement at AEKANSH GROUP as it’s always special for a student getting placed for the first time.


Company Name : Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
Designation : System Engineer
Location : Hyderabad

During my four years of bachelor studies at Sphoorthy Engineering College, I have gained knowledge and skills that helped me develop my career as an engineer. Faculty members here are very supportive and take great initiative to inculcate knowledge and skills in students. The training and placement cell ensures industry ready students who get exposed to all probable areas of expertise. The college’s library serves as the ultimate answer to all our queries in terms of availability of no. of latest books, papers, periodicals and helping staff. The college regularly organizes workshops and competitions to help students learn new skills. I have taken part in Hackathons and competitions organized by the college committees and those achievements and experiences really helped me stand out among others. Thank you Sphoorthy for making me what I am today. The credit of my success goes only to Sphoorthy Engineering College.

S.JAHNAVI , (17N81A05M1)

CSE Department.

Sphoorthy is an Institute that helped me to nurture my skills as an engineer and grow in leaps and bounds. Sphoorthy has given me the confidence to grow both personally and professionally. The faculty has been a great support with their tireless efforts which helped in getting placed in top companies like “MAQ SOFTWARE” and “ACCENTURE”. This college has been like a family and I will always remember every moment spent here.


CSE Department.

As a student of Sphoorthy Engineering college, I am the most thankful for the opportunity provided by the college to better myself through education, forming relationships, and experience with the real world. The Lecturers had helped me in being a better student and they taught me how to manage my time and priorities. Once as I graduate from this college, I am grateful that I had gained a very strong education, so that I got the chance to start a career that I love as I have placed in Accenture and Dazeworks.

Vegesna Sowmika, 17N81A05A2

CSE Department.

Being a Sphoorthy college student, I was able to learn so many things apart from curriculum by the Industrial visits, Hackathons, Certification courses like Block Chain, Big Data, ML etc. The College really cares about its members. It is a place of civility, friendship, and good cheer. The department will support you at any time and also in the pandemic situation they helped me in getting placed in TCS by conducting so many training programs. I’m so grateful to be a part of Sphoorthy college.

T. Roopa Reddy , 17N81A05A1

CSE Department.

Sphoorthy enabled me to overcome my stage fright and ensured in providing the best opportunities possible to all its students starting from technical workshops to hackathons and course certifications. The institution does complete justice to the money we invest. The enrolled students can make the best out of college if they are willing to work hard from the initial years. Pleased to be a part of this college.

Vasikarla Akanksha, 17N81A0573

CSE Department.

As a student of sphoorthy Engineering College, I got a chance to participate in hackathons, Industrial visits, workshops, skill development programs and also many tech and non-tech fest which are very helpful to build my skills that are used in my interview process. Continuous support of the department has helped me in getting placed in Fission Computer Labs, Cognizant, Infosys, Accenture. I’m very thankful and happy to be a part of Sphoorthy College.

Katakam Lasya, 17N81A05B4

CSE Department.

Thanks to the well-structured curriculum, focused learning and discipline at Spoorthy along with exposure provided through multiple hackathons and technical fests I could work on improving my knowledge and personality which helped me in landing a job in Cognizant.


Company Name: Amazon
Designation: Transportation specialist
Location: Hyderabad

My 4 years’ journey in Sphoorthy Engineering College were full of learning and grooming myself. My life at Sphoorthy made me stronger and independent. The Staff and Lecturers here are very passionate and show their genuine desire to help students to achieve their goals. Teaching and guidance here is just unparalleled.
Sphoorthy gave me the opportunity to participate and organize events which helped me to grow my confidence level. The campus is full of limitless opportunities. I would honestly say that if you want to discover your own potential and want to be encouraged there is no better place than Sphoorthy.
Thanks, Sphoorthy for making this journey a meaningful part of life.


Harshvardhan Vedantam

Company Name:TCS
Designation: Assistant System Engineer
Location: Hyderabad

My journey at Sphoorthy Engineering College for the past 4 years has been absolutely amazing and the college faculty and administration have supported me and my endeavors throughout. The college regularly organizes workshops and competitions to help students learn new skills. The college also has an IEDC (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell) for the students aspiring to start their businesses and also offers subsidies to such emerging business ideas. They’ve always helped me out. The administration even allowed me to work at lab 24*7 which is something that you don’t see a lot in most of the colleges. The support I received from the college allowed me to explore various fields.

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