Emoticons; we are sure that you like to use them in the Whatsapp chat or Facebook Messenger. The cute little emoticons captivate you infinitely, and we know that because, we ourselves are loyal admirers. But the problem in using them is we need to go into the chat options, or type in some code to activate them, especially in the computers. This just hampers the user experience, and seriously, who would like to type in a sleazy code every time we use different emoticons? To save us from this hassle, EmojiWorks came up with an exceptional emoji keyboard, which has several emoticons on the keys itself!! The Emoji Keyboard is basically a Bluetooth enabled keyboard, which has all the regular alphabetic and numeric keys. However, the specialty is, in addition to the regular tidbits, many emoticons are provided on the keys itself. To use them, you just need to press the emoji toggle key, like what you would do with a caps lock, and voila, you can unleash a range of emojis displayed on the keypad. The icing on cake is you can use this keyboard with Android, iOS and Windows devices with ease, be it the computers, mobile phones or tabs. There are different models available in this keyboard, and you can select from them according to your requirements and cost. So, the next time, when you want some fun with your pals on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, or any other social networking site, play with a range of emoticons by using Emoji Keyboard!! ————————————————– Article by, Sphoorthy Engineering College http://www.sphoorthyengg.com/